Abigail and Connor

Image 1 of Abigail and Connor

How We Met

The sunset cast a romantic glow across the river. The temperature outside was crisp and low, but the excitement in the crowd of passengers was high. The Spirit of Peoria Riverboat left that dock at approximately 6:00 pm on October 25, 2019, changing my life forever.

I remember seeing him across the room and before I knew it, I was walking over to him to introduce myself. We only talked for maybe ten minutes, but I was immediately struck by how kind he was. I walked away thinking he was the nicest guy I had ever met.

I told my friend that night about my impression of Connor, but that I didn’t think he’d ever be interested in me because of our height difference. She told me that she had been watching me talk to him and that “he definitely likes you”. I laughed it off saying, “There’s no way he likes me! We only talked for ten minutes!” Apparently that’s all it took because little did I know that I did make an impression on him that night too!

We stayed connected on social media, but he didn’t make a move until mid-April (I know, right? It’s a total quarantine love story! Haha!) He reached out to me in the middle of the lockdown period, and we’ve been talking every day since! In the summer of 2020, our relationship became exclusive—I was in love!

How They Asked

It was a beautiful October afternoon, as I started my four-hour journey to Connor’s house. The air was sharp and crisp, and I was so excited to join him and his family for their vacation in Myrtle Beach! We had been planning our trip for months, and it was finally happening!

On the drive, I received a text from him asking if I wanted to take a walk in the woods before the sunset. “My brothers cleared out a small trail in the woods and the colors in the trees are really pretty right now! We could get some really good photos!” I smiled and responded, “Of course! That sounds fun!”I arrived at his house first and eagerly waited for him to get home from work—completely oblivious to his plans for that evening and how it would change my life forever.

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He hugged me and told me to go grab my shoes, and that he wanted his sister Ava to come, take some photos of us. We started our walk into the woods, and I noticed he had his hands in his pockets. I turned to him and asked him if his hands were cold, and offered my hand to warm them. I had no idea he had his hand wrapped around the ring box!

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He walked me over to a tall tree along the small trail, and told me “This is where I used to FaceTime you when we first started talking!” He told me that it was now his favorite place on the property, and he asked Ava to take some photos for us. As we were taking photos, he said, “Okay, let’s do a different angle.” He turned, knelt down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I responded, “Are you serious?? YES!!”

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He led me out of the woods to their fire pit, where he had flowers, wine, and pizza waiting for me! It was the sweetest proposal, and everything about it was absolutely perfect! Connor Harrison, you have made me the happiest woman alive, and I cannot wait to be your wife! I love you!

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