Abhyuday and Srishti's Fireworks Proposal

how we met

When Srishti and I first met I knew immediately she was the woman I wanted to marry. She walked down the stairs at an event we were at and I just knew she was ‘the one. I felt it there and then. On our first date we went to a Chinese restaurant – it was supposed to be a quick work lunch date but we ended being there for 3 hours. I just completely lost track of time in her company – it was perfect.

how they asked

Srishti and I were on holiday in the UK. She had no idea that I had been planning the proposal for months because I wanted it to be just perfect for her. As I didn’t know the UK very well I decided to seek some help from the experts and contacted Proposal Planners “The One Romance.” They specialise in luxury proposals so I felt confident they would be able to help me plan a proposal that had that WOW factor and would blow Srishti away.

On the day of the proposal I told her we were heading into the countryside to spend the night at one of the UK’s luxury hotels – the Four Seasons in Hampshire. As soon as we arrived I made sure little surprises started happening. As we walked into the hotel and checked into the reception, Srishti was handed a long stemmed red rose with a Polaroid picture attached and a love message to her from me (I wanted them to be as personal and romantic as possible so that she really knew how I felt about her.)

Throughout the rest of the day she was handed more and more love notes and roses – there were 12 in total but the final one was the most important. It was handed to her as we finished our evening meal and told her to go to the front of the hotel.

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As we stepped outside we saw a gold cart covered in fairy lights and were told to step inside. We were driven down to the lake where there was an old fishing lodge which my proposal planners had been decorating all day.

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It was literally covered in thousands upon thousands of fairy lights and candles and looked so, so magical. We were led towards the porch and told to look out over the lake. At that moment an opera singer appeared and started singing one of our favourite songs. Suddenly a huge fireworks display started to go off over our heads (I wanted the fireworks to be as romantic as possible so all of them had glitter in them!)

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As the fireworks went off over our heads (and I started to get nervous!) a huge ‘Marry me” in flames appeared over the lake. It was at that moment when I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.

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