Abena and Jason

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How We Met

Jason Hill and I met through a mutual friend’s get together. We struck up a conversation that proved to be the most interesting. In talking with him I realized how different he was from anyone else that I had met before. The conversation was fun! We realized we had a lot in common however there were some differences. One of the major differences was the fact that I hadn’t been to Dave and Busters. He couldn’t believe it and decided that on Thursday October 22nd 2015 we would venture on our first date. Learning that Dave and Busters is an arcade for adults I was sold. I have quite a competitive streak . We settled on a little wager and I was certain I was not going down without a fight! So we made a deal if I won he would have to take me on a second date of my choice. I chose to go to Chipotle. If he won he would have the assurance of a second date.Well we later realized that whoever won we would receive that second date . Shortly after he asked me to be his girlfriend and that was one of the best decisions of my life ???

how they asked

December 20th we planned on having our Christmas gift exchange due to the fact that we wouldn’t be able to spend the Holidays together. I arrived to his house after a long tough day at work wanting only to relax. I noticed he was dressed up and bit , I told him he looked quite handsome and asked if he had anything special planned for the evening. He told me that he was planning on going out to dinner. But first we would open presents.

I quickly got excited , I waited a long time for my presents especially because I had been a good girl all year!

I opened my stockings pleasantly surprised by all he had gotten me . I wanted him to share in the joy as well so I asked that he open my presents for him. Then I noticed that there was one huge box left. He told me that it was for me! Now I’m getting really excited! Stoked actually. So as I’m opening the box Jason says I’m going to record this and I thought nothing of it . I open the box and sitting inside is a scrapbook. I instantly remembered how he had told me he was working on an art project for me! The book was titled “This Is Us”. This is one of our favorite shows to watch together. As I open the book there’s pictures from our first date, second date, and so on (basically a timeline of all our memories).

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On The last page there was a frame and sitting inside was a black box. Forgetting that he is recording I ask “What’s this ?” To which he responds , “A ring, silly” . In shock I start crying. I ask again “what is this for “?

He gets down on one knee , asks me “How about it, will you marry Me” ? I am over the moon and respond “Yes, can I kiss you now?

Mind you, he is still recording and I’m lookin a Hott mess , tears streaming down my face. In that moment I had no care in the world! I was going to be Ms. Hill ! It’s a moment every girl dreams about where she finds her “Prince Charming ” . And I had finally found mine ! I was just overwhelmed by the amount of thought and love that put in to making my night special. We ended the night off by telling our family and closest friends! We are ecstatic that we have found each other. I’m His and He’s Mine!


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