Abel and Ilse

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St Clair Winery in Deming New Mexico

How We Met

3 years and a half ago I Met Ilse during a very hard time in my life. I had just been laid off from a good job and I was struggling to make ends meet. I had to move back in with my parents and one day my mother invited me to church. I hadn’t been to church in a while but given my situation at the time I felt like it wouldn’t do me any harm to look to the Lord a little. Well when I walked in to church that Sunday I noticed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen but we were in church so I didn’t think about it too much and focused on church. Well after the service was over and everyone was saying goodbye and talking my mother said she wanted to introduce me to one of her friends. Just so happens that my mother’s friend was none other than the mother of the beautiful girl I had noticed earlier. My mom introduced me and my mother’s friend introduced us to her daughter who was visiting from Mexico. She shook my hand and smiled at me in a way no one ever had before. She told me her name was Ilse and she was happy to meet me. She didn’t realize the happiness it brought me to meet her. She invited me to a youth group service later that afternoon where she was going to present her testimony and I couldn’t refuse that offer. 2 hours later i return to church and sit through her inspiring testimony and when the youth group service is all done we get to taking outside of church. I only intended for a 10-15 minute conversation but it turned into a 5 hour long conversation in which we got to know each other and told each other so many stories about each other and so begun our journey together. 3 months later she graduated from her university in Mexico and left everything she knew to move here to the states to come be with me.

how they asked

November 16th 2017 marked our 3 year dating anniversary and I knew I wanted to marry Ilse who is no doubt the love of my life. I asked the local winery in town St Clairs Winery if I could use their beautiful landscape to set up the big moment. I built a square frame and decorated it with a table in the middle where we would sit down and eat a romantic dinner. I also hired a mariachi band for the big surprise moment. My initial plan was to arrive 30 minutes before the mariachi band did and eat dinner there and she might not suspect anything because I have always been the romantic type with her and it was our anniversary so maybe she wouldn’t suspect anything until the mariachi band arrived and started to serenade her. But things never go as planned haha! She took half an hour too much to get ready and the mariachi band had arrived before we did. So I improvised. I blindfolded her about a mile before getting to the location. She had no idea where we were going. I told her it was a surprise and she nervously just went with the flow. We arrived to the Winery and I guided her to the table with her blindfold still on. The view was absolutely beautiful. The mariachis in the background ready to play as soon as she took her blindfold off and the decorated frame and table was just something I knew would surprise her but I didn’t expect her exact reaction. As she took her blindfold off, her big brown beautiful eyes opened up wider than I have ever seen them. A smile stretched her face from ear to ear and excitement and tears of joy just started flowing overwhelmingly. When the mariachi reached the instrumental part of their first song I knew that was the moment. I turned her to me, and took that legendary stance, down on one knee.

I confessed my intense and passionate love for her and asked Ilse in that moment if she would marry me. SHE SAID YES!! I took her in my arms and hugged her for the first time as my fiancé! I put that ring on her finger and the happiness overcame the entire Winery. St Clair’s brought us their best champagne and congratulated us. Everyone around was clapping and yelling out congratulations. And as of that moment I have become the happiest man in this universe because I will soon marry the most amazing woman on this planet.

Abel's Proposal in St Clair Winery in Deming New Mexico

Special Thanks

St Clair Winery
 | Allowed me to use their beautiful landscape. Let me use beautiful decorations, and provided the champagne
Bill Armendariz
 | Photographer
Rosa and Leonel Ponce
 | Planning