Abeer and Issam

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How We Met

Issam and I met in 2018, on a whim while he was visiting my city (Toronto) with his friends for vacation. He lived 5 hours away in a different province. I was in his city (Montreal) a couple of months later for my birthday and he begged me for a date. I didn’t think I would ever consider him as a partner, as I didn’t think I could EVER do long-distance, but love has an interesting way of changing your life.

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When we met early on, he would always tell me “one day I’ll make you my wife.” We have been on a long journey, as I moved away to school in Europe a year into our relationship. From catching flights, trains and buses to see each other, to tearful goodbyes, to joyful reunions to traveling the world together, in this busy life, Issam has been my one constant and I can’t wait to spend forever with him. In a year we will be closing our distance forever, and I am sharing my story because I didn’t think long-distance couples ever made it in real life, but we are a regular-ol’ couple that is living proof, that if there is a will, there is a way! We MADE IT!!

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How They Asked

Issam took me to the exact spot where we had our first date two years earlier. I had NO idea he was going to propose; in fact, when I saw the proposal set up I whispered to him “look somebody is getting proposed to, let’s be nosy and watch” to which he responded with the biggest grin on his face “what if it’s all for you.”

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