Abby and Stephen

How We Met: We met at work. We were both waiting tables at the same restaurant and the first time I saw Stephen I thought he was so good looking and wanted to know who he was. We started hanging out and my crush just grew bigger and bigger each day. I don’t think he knew I liked him. The more I got to know him, I was really mesmerized by him. We dated 2 and a half years and then one day he finally asked the big question.

how they asked: Stephen and a couple of my friends bought me tickets for a Texas Rangers game. I’ve been a huge fan since I was a little girl and have been a loyal fan. We went to the game and just had a blast. I was getting hot, tired, hungry and needless to say was a huge brat since i was complaining so much. The game went into 13 innings and finally after the Rangers won, Stephen wanted to go to the post game show and thought it would be so cool to be on TV. I of course did not care and wanted to go home and eat and shower. My friends convinced me so i decided to go. Well, all of a sudden I see the camera coming towards me and I get super nervous and finally just start smiling big and get lost in the moment. All of a sudden the camera gets on Stephen and there he is, on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I started screaming and crying and of course i said yes. I was so happy and shocked and I truly felt so bad for being a brat. It was perfect and I’m so glad he asked me to be his wife. Image 1 of Abby and StephenImage 2 of Abby and Stephen