Abby Rae and Cord

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How We Met

I attend the University of Alabama and like every other student here, I LOVE Alabama football! Cord and I actually met at a Bama game. He approached me, we swapped numbers, and then agreed to meet up after the game downtown! We won, he called me, but I completely bailed. I was nervous about meeting complete strangers, and decided to go back to my cozy cottage with my friends. We casually kept in touch through phone calls and text messages, but we live 4 hours apart so “hanging out” was never an option. We were both in school, and both worked, so neither of us had a lot of extra time. Around three to four months after our first “sighting” he drove all the way from Ranger, Georgia to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to take me on our first date in February of 2014. We both fell so madly in love on that first date, he came back the very next week to take me on our second date! After our second date it was a few more weeks before he could drive back to see me! On April 12, 2014 Cord drove back to Tuscaloosa to tell me he loved me, and to take me on our third date. People thought we were crazy, being in love after only three dates? Long distance? It all happened so fast, and so wonderfully, my feet never hit the ground.

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how they asked

Fast forward to December of 2015! Cord and I have had the most romantically difficult, and frustrating long distance relationship. Going months without seeing each other, sometimes days without getting to hear his voice, was all deemed worth it on December 14, 2015!

On December 14th, finals week was OVER, and it was my one and only beloved off-day from a crazy Holiday retail schedule. I slept late, and woke up to a phone call from Cord! It is not unusual for us to wake each other up. A few minutes into my sleepy mumbling, I heard a knock at my door. I told him “Hold on, UPS is here!” … I had kept Amazon busy this Christmas and was expecting a few more packages. I opened the door and it was him. He was dressed up, and I immediately started crying and apologizing for being so upset the day before. He just simply hugged me and told me that he didn’t want me to be alone and upset so he took a few days off to spend with me. He came in and told me to get dressed up, that he wanted to have a fancy “day date” and accomplish a few “normal couple” things while he was in town. I happily obliged.

We went to our favorite Italin restaurant for lunch, and feasted like royalty. He then told me he had a surprise for me. I was so excited I made him tell me. He said that he had picked us out our first Christmas tree, and he had picked up ornaments and lights for us to decorate it together. I started to cry once again. I was just so excited to get the chance to do something together that we normally miss out on.

We pulled up to the Christmas Tree Farm and it was completely empty. He told me the farm were closed but the owner was nice enough to save us a tiny one for my new tiny apartment.

We walked down into this beautiful farm and came to a cleared area. There stands a giant beautiful, perfectly green, Christmas tree. I notice a small tree next to it and immediately assume that it is our tree. I can feel him pulling my hand in the opposite direction, I look up and see that the large tree is completely decorated. The tears started again. There was a sign in the middle of the tree that read “Will you marry me?” and pictures of us all over it. He hugged me and gave a very romantic speech to which I barely remember because I was so emotional. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, who could barely stand up at this point, somehow got out a “yes!”. He slid the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger and hugged me while we both cried. I suddenly heard a lot of squealing and turned around to find my sister and three best friends runsung towards me.

It was the most special day I could’ve imagined and I am still floating on cloud nine. I love you, Cord!

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