Abby and Zach

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How We Met

Our story is my favorite to tell. :)

I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in Upstate New York and Zach was a guest. I had no intention of talking to any guys at the wedding at all! I lived in Portland, Oregon at the time so meeting anyone at the wedding would have been pointless, or so I thought. The wedding was at a renovated barn and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Apparently Zach made a comment about the ‘pretty bridesmaids’ but that he wasn’t there for a girl so he wasn’t going to talk to anyone. We had the same mindset, we just wanted to spend time with our friends and family and have fun.

Zach and I noticed each other more throughout the cocktail hour. I thought, ‘who is this handsome guy? I have never seen him before…’ I went up to the bar to get a glass of wine and he decided to come to talk to me! He first commented on my tattoo and told me he just got his half sleeve finished. (Thank goodness we both have tattoos, easy convo starter!) We had some small talk and he made me laugh a lot. I liked him immediately.

Later on, we ended up on the dance floor and started dancing a bit. He asked me if I wanted to go on the back deck and talk, so I did. We talked for almost an hour about so many things. I had never connected to a guy like that before, it was an unreal feeling! We basically spent every minute together after that.

The whole wedding party and all the guests stayed at the Turning Stone Casino after the reception, so Zach and I stayed up all night there just talking. We fell in love that night, which I definitely did not think was possible and only in the movies!

The next day I was flying back to Oregon, so it was complicated – but not for Zach! He made it clear that he would do anything to make the relationship work, and he did. We flew back and forth for an entire year from NY to OR and after a year of long-distance, I decided to move back to NY to live with Zach. (Turns out we grew up in neighboring towns, our parents all still love close to each other, and we have a bunch of mutual best friends). It couldn’t be more perfect.

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How They Asked

I moved back to NY to live with Zach in Sept ’19 and he proposed in March ’20. We had originally had plans to go to Italy in March, but due to everything going on we had to cancel the trip. We decided last minute to fly out to Colorado Springs to stay at the Garden of the Gods resort for a long weekend.

We landed on a Thursday afternoon and had dinner reservations for that evening (which I made, so I definitely wasn’t suspicious). We got to the resort and Zach wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get ready. We love dressing up together so a nice night out isn’t that out of the blue. We ordered a bottle of champagne to the room, listened to music, and got ready for our dinner.

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We had a beautiful dinner overlooking the Garden of the Gods, a truly breathtaking view. Zach said that after dinner he wanted to go explore the rest of the resort before having dessert and drinks. I didn’t think anything of that because we wanted to see everything before it got dark. After dinner, we walked outside to admire the beauty and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was truly the most amazing, beautiful, surreal moment of my life.

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After he asked, and I was done being in absolute shock, I noticed there was a photographer taking photos and people clapping. Zach had been working with the resort to coordinate one of the employees to take our photo during the proposal!!! She took more photos and then we enjoyed a beautiful glass of champagne at the bar. Everyone at the resort was so amazing and helped make the best moment of my life even that much more special! It was the most magical weekend of my life.

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Special Thanks

Alexis Doreen Rose Mottern
 | Photographer