Abby and Troy

How We Met

I met Troy summer of 2014 right after I moved back to Maine and he was home for the summer. Being the typical athletic couple we are, we met at the gym. After about 40 minutes of standing there talking we had made plans to see each other that Friday night (which I was WAY too excited about). I walked away from the conversation trying to convince myself I wasn’t already in love, while he walked away thinking I didn’t even like him! And the rest is history!

Image 1 of Abby and Troy

how they asked

Troy and I were long distance for a year while he was in Latvia playing basketball and I was in Maine, I made multiple trips overseas, but the time apart was hard so we made silly videos to send each other every day while apart. When Troy finally came home after his season we were waking up early so we could get summer going and hit the beach. Troy has asked me if I wanted to watch a video,so I sat on the bed and there I was on the screen. Troy had saved all the videos I had sent him or we made together and put it into iMovie. At the end of the video was him the night before saying this was really happening but he would let the real Troy do the talking. I then looked over and he was on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

Image 2 of Abby and Troy
Image 3 of Abby and Troy