Abby and Travis

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How We Met

Travis & I met back when I was only 15. He was my brother in-law’s friend and I had a serious crush!! He was 6 years older than me, so a crush it remained! Fast forward 6 years and I was back home from college on Christmas break going to see a Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park with my sister. After the play we met my brother in-law and Travis out for a cocktail and the rest is history! We spent almost everyday together during my Christmas Break and now here we are 6 years later and I still feels those butterflies I once felt when I was only 15! :)

how they asked

At the time we had been dating for 5 years! I came home from work like any other Friday evening. For some reason the garage doors wouldn’t open, so I quickly grabbed my stuff out of my car and headed for the front door. As I opened the door I immediately felt my heart sink. Dozens of balloons and flowers filled our entry way and there he was all dressed up, down on one knee!! Not only was he sitting there, but somehow he managed to get our Golden Retriever & English Bulldog (Henry & Dudley) to sit next to him (later I found out he coaxed them with Tostito chips) :). I think I blurted our something like ” OMG is this real life?? Is this actually happening???” I was genuinely the most surprised I had ever been in my entire life! Before he could even finish asking me I said “YES!” & he said “wait I haven’t even asked you yet!!” Hehe I was just so excited! The night followed with meeting up with friends and family to celebrate and then heading out to dinner at the place we went on our first date! It was seriously the most romantic and intimate moment of my life.. it was absolute perfection! I also found out he had his camera set up to video the whole thing and we watched it afterwards! There’s a little part in the video right before I walk through the door where our dogs are sniffing the camera all up close and personal.. it’s adorable! Unfortunately, we are keeping the video for just our eyes! At least for now :)

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