Abby and Tim

Image 1 of Abby and TimHow We Met: I went to visit some old work friends at a church in Dayton, Ohio one Saturday in January of 2014. In the back of my head I secretly wondered if anyone cute would be there but then quickly dismissed it. About an hour later, I’m talking with my group of friends and I catch this super hot guy walking up to us out of the corner of my eye. Something in me jumped and I tried to suppress the thought that this was the man I was going to marry. Because in all reality, does that really happen? It surely couldn’t have happened to me. So we chatted casually and I left thinking he hated me because he was so shy. But apparently I was completely wrong.

how they asked: Tim had come over to the house that morning to hang out and I was finishing up getting ready. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I noticed he had disappeared. No car, no keys, no wallet, no Tim. I ran back upstairs, heart pounding, and texted “Where’d you go??” All I got back was a short video with a riddle leading me to my favorite local coffee shop that we go to every Saturday for scones and coffee. When I arrived, I found the owners and asked them if they had seen Tim earlier that day. They said they had and handed me a picnic basket full of china, scones, jam and cream, and coffee. I thanked them and walked away confused because there was no note attached whatsoever telling me where to go. So I texted Tim and asked him frantically where I should go next. He responded, “Meet me on the bridge” and texted me a picture of his location which happened to be at our favorite park. It’s beautiful. So many trees, leaves, bridges, and lakes. It makes me feel like I’m walking in a London park. I showed up to the park but accidentally parked in the wrong spot and had to walk half a mile with the heavy picnic basket but when I arrived I saw him standing, smiling proudly on the bridge as I walked up. He grabbed my hands and led me to the middle of the bridge and said a lot of really sweet things that are fleeting my memory because I was focused on him and what was happening. But he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I, of course, said yes and looked over to see our friend, CJ, taking pictures. Not to mention, that we got to get our engagement pictures done right then and there! Thanks CJ! After the initial proposal, we walked across the lake to another bridge, one that was covered, where he had set up two chairs and a table for us to enjoy our scones and coffee. CJ continued to take pictures all the while. Once we were all finished, we packed up and left, but Tim told me he had one last surprise. As we drove around the park, Tim told me that he had kept disappearing throughout the week because he was writing, producing, and recording a song that he wrote for me about our relationship called ‘Wanderlust.’ He played the song for me in the car and that’s when the tears started. I cried and loved it and I attached the link so you guys can love the song with me as well. He worked so hard on it and did an amazing job on the sound and lyrics and whole concept.

I legitimately could not have asked for a better proposal. Best day of my life.

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