Abby and Serge

How We Met

Serge and I officially met back in high school (6 years ago). We attended the same school and had the same friend groups. I had a crush on him throughout middle school as kids, but we never spoke until one day when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior, he told me he had noticed me every day and finally had worked up the courage to take me to ask me on a “date”. As a high schooler there weren’t too many options for fancy dates but he did pick me up and was a complete gentleman. He took me to a movie and dinner. From that moment on I was completely head over heals. It wasn’t until a month later, on my 16th birthday, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We have had many ups and downs through growing up over the last 6 years together. Never once have we stopped being by each other’s sides ever since that 16th birthday.
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how they asked

November 9th, 2015. My 22nd birthday and our 6 year anniversary together. My best friends throughout high school are to this day still my closest friends. A couple weeks prior they told me they were planning to take me out for a day long celebration on my birthday. I was hesitant because Serge and I would ALWAYS spend my birthday together since it was our anniversary as well, but he insisted I needed time with my girls and so I agreed! They picked me up the morning of my birthday and took my to get my nails done as well as a day of shopping. In the evening we went to a 5 star dinner downtown where they had set up champagne service. It was an amazing day but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that I wasn’t going to spend any time with serge for the first time in 6 years. After dinner my friends drive me home and told me they had some wine and desserts and wanted to spend time at my place. As I got out of the car and opened my front door they whipped out their cameras and had huge grins on their face. I tossed open the door to see serge surrounded by hundreds of red and white tea light candles and a sign hanging above that said, “marry me?”. He was on one knee in a white suit holding the most beautiful emerald cut 2 carat diamond. Prior to proposing, he met with my parents and formally asked them for their permission to marry me. Having their support, in addition to the supple and excitement from my lifelong best friends, made it that much more special. I felt beyond blessed to say yes to my high school sweetheart. Image 3 of Abby and Serge Image 4 of Abby and Serge Image 5 of Abby and Serge