Abby and Sam

How We Met

One fateful St. Patrick’s Day about four years ago, they both ended up at a British pub in Buckhead, Atlanta. Abby was coming from a friend’s party and Sam was there after a work event. He was tall and confident, she couldn’t find her friend… it was a match made in Buck-heaven. After a high-five, they struck up conversation that night. He asked her out and was very persistent with wonderful date ideas. He took Abby on a surprise adventure (and to her now favorite restaurant) for her birthday just a few weeks after meeting each other and something was obviously different for this couple. After a couple years, so many beer festivals and great trips together, they have racked up a pretty awesome travel log together. They have visited Germany, Belgium, Iceland, Chile, and Argentina as well as quite a few US destinations. Last summer, they went to Jamaica with some friends and Sam proposed. The night they arrived, after a day in the sun, he took her out on the pier to watch the sunset and got on his knee to ask her to be with him forever. With friends around and a beautiful Jamaican sunset, it was definitely a memorable moment (and Sam would probably want you to know that Abby cried, tears of joy, a lot.) With a magnificent family and group of friends, join these kids in April to celebrate their next step in life!

how they asked

This couple loves to travel, and made a Jamaican getaway happen with a few friends that summer. On the night they arrived, after a day in the sun, they got ready to go out to a local jerk chicken place, but everyone insisted they watch their first sunset of the trip together. Sam took Abby out on the pier near their hotel while some friends were hanging around the beach area taking pictures to look like they were too busy to join the couple. After a few minutes, Sam dropped to his knees and asked her to be with him for their lifetime- Abby was shocked. Completely didn’t see it coming. She dropped to her knees to hug him (and cry… alot) and let him put the gorgeous ring he was holding on her hand. She was so thrilled she forgot to say yes, but it was obvious. The friends who were lagging behind got a few pictures, of such a sweet moment. Now we know why they all said yes to flying to Jamaica that trip! There were only a few people out on the beach at that time, so it was still private, while the couple got to share the moment with their closest friends!