Abby and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met in 8th grade through mutual friends in the hallway, haha! It was not true love at first sight but after the first few times we hung out I knew he was something special. We went to separate colleges but distance could not pull us apart. Ryan drove up to LSU so many times to come visit me, and I came back home to Houston many times even if it was just for 1 full day. We have been dating for 10 years going on 11 and he FINALLY asked. <3

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How They Asked

Ryan told me we were going to a nice dinner in Galveston which was normal for us because we always loved to treat ourselves out every so often. It was raining that day so he told me lets go drive around the seawall and check it out, so I said okay! We pulled over and got out at a seashell shop. We walked around for a little and then all of a sudden Ryan said “why don’t we go down to the beach it stopped raining”. As soon as we took a few steps down to the beach I saw this beautiful set up full of fall flowers and gorgeous pumps grass with white rose petals on the sand.

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I looked at him and said “Ryan??” and all he did was giggle… At that moment I knew what was happening. We were both so happy and giddy we couldn’t stop smiling. He got down on one knee and at that moment all I could think about was how true our love has been for one another after all these years. The beach is a special place for the both of us in many ways and I couldn’t have dreamt of a sweeter moment than this :)

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