Abby and Royce

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How We Met

It all started when my best friend and roommate, Erika said, “I know the perfect guy for you. He has the same beliefs and morals as you, and he is the most genuine guy I know. He’s single, you’re single…. want to meet him?” I of course, had nothing to lose! Drowning in nursing textbooks and soccer practices, I said that I would love to meet this mystery man. The rest is almost history….. November 24th, 2013: the first night we met, we went to his town’s Turkey Bowl game— the biggest basketball game in St. Charles. I didn’t think he was interested but when I got home that night, I thought to myself, I just need to take a leap because I knew there was something special about JD. I messaged him on Facebook, we exchanged a couple messages, and he used the ‘my Facebook messages aren’t coming through on my phone, can I get your number’ trick.. I immediately gave him my number and we have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Our very first date was to a St. Louis Blues hockey game after a 12 course meal at JD’s house on Elmwood… where JD claims he instantly knew I was the one. We shared this date with two of our dearest friends and several Three Olives Sweet Tart shots. That weekend of our first date went too fast and I had to head back to Kansas City. Fortunately, The distance didn’t stop us from being with each other, it only challenged us! Many road trips and train rides kept our bond, respect, and affection for each other so strong. God always had a plan for he and I to make it through– even when I didn’t think we would. A random drive to soccer practice in the summer, I decided to call JD on his family vacation (after a minor 1 month break) just because. I was thinking about him a lot, wanted to hear his voice, and hear how he was doing. A quick phone call turned into us reconnecting and coming back stronger than we were before. It was in that moment in my red Saturn Vue driving to Sportport Soccer Complex that I knew he was THE one. What many may not know is that I had a big secret for the majority of our relationship. Turns out JD was my b e s t kept secret– I kept JD a secret from my family for over 2 years.

At my college graduation dinner the truth came out! Although I wasn’t as forthcoming about my feelings for JD, JD had no fear or shame. He shared, with my entire family, that he and I had been together for much longer than they thought and shared some of his feelings for me with them. Fast forward through many major life events, graduations, lake trips, winery weekends, concerts, holiday celebrations, love notes, just because gifts, dozens and dozens of flowers, and family vacations we come to

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how they asked

6.16.17- the second best day of my life. This was the Wertenberger family’s last day of vacation where we were trying to pack in all of the activities we could into our last day. My dad “made a reservation” to a mysterious restaurant for 5 o’clock. We arrived to The Gulf, my new favorite place on earth, with my entire family in on the surprise. Jd and I took a short walk down the beach, conversing about what we wanted to do tomorrow after my family left and before his family arrived. I, to no surprise, said let’s be beach bums all day! He quickly said that I needed to hurry up and get out of the way of these photographers who were taking pictures of the beach and ocean. I quickly walked to get out of the way and asked what he wanted to do He said, “I want to marry you!” In shock, excitement, disbelief, and joy I said, “Really?! Are you serious?! You do?!…….. Yes!” Little did I know, these photographers {Avery Forrest Photography) were there to take proposal photos with both of our families secretly watching from afar!It was an absolute picture perfect proposal! Embraced by hugs and tears from my family and his the celebration of our engagement and l o v e began.

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