Abby and Riley

Where to Propose in His family home during a holiday get together

How We Met

Riley and I met our junior year of college in a biology lab. Apparently, he had seen me in class and asked some mutual friends about me. Going to a small private school, and both being pre-physical therapy students, it is a wonder we hadn’t had classes together before then. Unfortunately, because it was a lab, we never really got the chance to talk as we were at different tables and didn’t move around much. However, we had to give weekly research presentations. One week, the projector in the lab wasn’t working, so we had to move to a lecture hall. This was the first time I was really able to notice everyone in my lab. During my presentation, I noticed this handsome guy smiling at me throughout the entire thing. Every time I looked his direction he was just gleaming (and I’m sure I was blushing). That night I got a friend request from Riley on Facebook. The next night (apparently after some encouragement from his friends), he messaged me. Now, I’m not the kind of girl that generally responds to guys on Facebook, but I had a weird gut feeling about him. I asked my roommate what to do, and she told me to go with my gut. I responded and we ended up talking for hours. We hung out a couple of days later, and have been inseparable ever since.

-This was after our first official date in April 2015. He didn’t make fun of me for ordering crab ragoons as my meal, so I figured he was a keeper.

how they asked

Riley and I started talking about getting engaged after about 2 years of dating, but we were still in school for Physical Therapy, so we knew it had to wait. In November of 2017, we decided to go look at rings. From the beginning, I had said I wanted a say in my ring and he agreed. We wanted a ring that we both loved that would encompass both of our tastes and personalities. We found one that we both fell in love with. So, I knew he had a ring, but I had no idea when the proposal would come. We were to graduate in May, so I figured sometime around then. From the beginning, though, I had made one rule: do not propose on a holiday. I didn’t like the idea. I wanted to celebrate the holiday completely separately from the proposal; I wanted the proposal to be its own day.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His family home during a holiday get together

Riley told me he made the decision to propose to me the morning of Christmas Eve. He claims the ring was “burning a hole in his pocket” and he was tired of waiting. The only people he told were my dad, his parents, and sisters. Every year, his parents host Christmas Eve. It’s always full of food, laughter, and Christmas themed games. Riley is the favorite DJ of the games, so it was no surprise to me when he got up to lead one. The game he was leading was a drawing game: everyone had a paper plate and a pen on their laps. We had to close our eyes and draw the Christmas scene Riley was describing on the plate. Best drawing wins. He told everyone to draw a Christmas tree, then a star on top of the tree, then presents surrounding the tree. The last thing he told everyone to draw was an engagement ring. I froze. When he told everyone to open their eyes, he was down on one knee in front of me with the most perfect ring. He didn’t give a long speech– he knows I don’t love being the center of attention. It was short and sweet and perfect.

To this day he claims he didn’t propose on a holiday because it wasn’t on Christmas Day. Either way, I don’t care. I’m just happy I get to marry my best friend.