Abby and Parker

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How We Met

We went to high school together and had mutual friends. I found him to be a bit “extra” so he never came across to me as someone is be interested in. We had radio class together and we became good friends from the class. He asked me to go get ice cream at a local mom and pops place (Called “Mom & Pops”!). From that day we have been inseperable! He has helped me be the best person I could possibly be and we truly bring out the best in each other. We are so blessed!

how they asked

We met in radio class in high school. Once we dated, we had a thing “in radio class did you ever think we would be here, doing this?!”. Fast forward to 5 years later…Every year for our anniversary we like to go to a city & live it up on the town! For our 5 years, we decided to go to Indianapolis! He wined & dined me (literally) with champagne bars and brunch, which I love do very much! After brunch, he told me he had one more thing planned. Not familiar with the city, I waited to see where we were going, and was surprised when we pulled up to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

I had just completed an internship with a local art show from Louisville, so I thought he was being sweet, & I loved it! As we took a walk around, we ended up in front of the Love sign. As we walked up, he asked me “In radio class did you ever think this would happen?” As I turned around to ask him what, he was down on one knee and smiling from ear to ear!

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He hired a photographer to catch the moment and I am so happy he did because I blacked out!

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It was such a perfect moment for the two of us!

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Special Thanks

Jordan Kempson
 | Photography