Abby and Morgan

How we met: Morgan and I both grew up in Auburn, Alabama, went to the same church and high school and were never friends. We met on a mission trip to Costa Rica in June 2011, and have been inseparable ever since!


how they asked: Morgan asked me to come over to his parent’s house after I got finished babysitting on Tuesday, May 6th, around 2:30pm. I never suspected anything because his computer had broken the day before and he was asking his dad to “fix it”. I took my sweet time and even got gas on the way! I drove up and he had a flag from every country we’d been to together and he was standing in the middle with his bible. He started saying sweet things (much of which I don’t remember) and I started crying! I don’t even think I said yes, I just stuck my left hand out and started hugging him. His brother was hiding in the side-yard capturing pictures of it all! It was a perfect day!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His parent's house.