Abby and Mike

How We Met

Michael and I both attended a Bible college in Tampa, Florida. But he’s from Pennsylvania, and I’m from Texas. When we got to the school our freshman year we both joined the same praise band. During that year we traveled and played together in a band and we’re practically best friends. We finished each other’s sentences. The only problem was I was a little preoccupied with someone else… That next summer we worked at a camp together as counsellors. During that summer I ended things with the previous guy, and not too long after Mike had revealed to me how he felt about me the whole time. When we finally started dating it was if nothing had changed. It felt so right because we were already best friends! That next year we moved to Upstate New York for our sophomore year. During that year we adventured all the way to Poland, around New York, road tripping with our best friends to Florida, and so many other great memories. Once we finished at that 2-year school, we moved back to my home in Texas to finish our degrees. Which brings us to now! Almost there!!

how they asked

Michael and I are a very simple couple. A good date for us is a picnic and hours of laughing and talking. It was an ordinary Saturday, except for the 75 degree weather. Since its been a cold winter this year we decided to take advantage of the sun and go to the park to relax. We got to the park ad found a huge tree right along the river pretty secluded from the rest of the crowd. We had lunch and hung our hammock and just relaxed. It was such a perfect day in my book, even before the proposal! When the sun started to set Michael suggested that we get up and take some pictures. As he was setting up his phone on a timer, he told me to jump and twirl around so he could get some practice shots. As I was making a fool of myself twirling in the park, he snuck over to me and got down on one knee. When I finally stood still and looked at him, I was in such shock I couldn’t get any words out! It took me a few seconds to ask, “Is this for real? Are you really asking me?” He had the BIGGEST smile across his face. I instantly started screaming yes and jumping all over him. We laughed and hugged and kissed, and then we realized I hadn’t even looked at the ring. It is the most gorgeous ring I could ask for. He knew exactly what I wanted and nailed it. We ended the perfect night with Popsicles at our favorite Popsicle stand. Everything was so perfect, because it was so us. He completely caught me off guard, and I couldn’t ask for a better fiancé!