Abby and Michael

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How We Met

July 10, 2010: Michael and I were each enjoying our own family vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, having no idea the other existed. The first night at dinner I was at a table with my family and noticed Michael selected the table across from mine. Throughout dinner we kept looking at one another, trying to avoid the awkward “stranger” eye contact. Later that evening he approached me and struck up a conversation. From then on, every night aboard the ship, we sat out on the balcony and talked about anything and everything until 3 or 4am. The morning the cruise ended we were unable to see each other to say our goodbyes. He stepped off the ship and said to his mom, “I’m going to marry that girl someday”.

We kept in contact through our 11 hours of distance and that following spring we attended each others senior proms. He took the time that spring to travel to Missouri with his family and tour Mizzou, where I had been set on attending. He loved the campus and decided to attend Mizzou as well, despite his impressive admission to The Ohio State University and academic scholarships to University of Kentucky and Miami of Ohio. From then on we were officially dating and had been doing long distance on and off ever since! On July 30, 2016 (also my 24th birthday), Michael flew in from Ohio and gave me the surprise of a lifetime. We will finally be able to close our long distance for good next September!

how they asked

Michael proposed to me on my 24th birthday. Early that morning he said he had booked me a massage. He dropped me off and I enjoyed my very much needed massage. Once it was over, I walked out to the main lobby expecting Michael to be there to pick me back up. Instead, I saw my mom, sister-in-law, and younger brother’s girlfriend dressed up with stargazer lilies (my favorite). I was given a note from Michael that mentioned he was sending me on a birthday adventure and to follow along. My first clue was to go home and get ready (hallelujah, who looks good after a massage?!). I went home and started to get ready and in walks my best friend who had flown in from South Carolina – I hadn’t seen her in a year and I was stunned! After my state of shock had set in, two more of my very good friends I met through Delta Gamma walked in with stargazer lilies.

Once I was ready, I received another clue telling me to go to the winery (perfect boyfriend award right there for pampering me then sending me off to a winery with some friends!). We all headed off to the winery and as I walked in I saw Michael’s mom and sister sitting at a table, they had flown in from Ohio. While enjoying our time at the winery, four more of my very good friends walked in individually with flowers as well. It was finally time for the next clue: go outside. I walked out and saw a beautiful stretch limo waiting for all 13 of us! We spent two hours driving around in the limo enjoying some snacks, wine, and fun music. Two hours later it was time for the final clue, “I know you’re having fun, but you’re really not done.

Put on the blindfold to finish the fun!”. I was blindfolded at that time and the limo came to a stop. Everyone exited, and I was the last one out. My mom gave me a hug and said, “take this hand”. I grabbed the hand and recognized it was my dad’s. He walked me through a beautiful garden in Kansas City blindfolded. We finally game to a stop, he took my blindfold off and when I opened my eyes I saw Michael standing there, and that is where he finally popped the question!

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We all celebrated after with more time in the limo (now including my dad and brothers and his dad) and ended the evening at an engagement party with more friends downtown.

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