Abby and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew and I met our freshman year of college during our Fine Arts class. We ended up sitting next to each other at an Opera we had to attend for the class and spent most of the night complaining (typical college student) about the paper we had to write about the Opera we were supposed to be watching. We became Facebook friends-when Facebook was still a big thing-and would wave at each other between classes. Fast forward a few weeks and one of my close friends was heading to a classmates house party and I tagged along. An hour or so after arriving Matthew and his friends showed up and we had that “oh hey-we bonded over that weird Opera” moments (shout out if anyone else has those moments!) We ended up playing college-esque games all night and were probably way too competitive. As I was leaving that night, he asked for my phone number and I was so happy I completely, accidentally, gave him the wrong number…He tried to reach out the next day but of course got someone else. He ended up messaging me on Facebook where I embarrassingly had to admit it was an accident and I could not remember my own number. He laughed and we ended up talking the rest of the night and just kept talking for the past six years!

How They Asked

Matthew was born and raised on an island in Alaska and coming from the PNW myself, we love the outdoors. Hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, anything to get outside, we love. After graduating from our undergrad, Matthew and I moved back to his hometown before he applied for dental school the following year. It was one of the most unforgettable year filled with midnight suns, bonfires, bears, and snowy hikes. After that year, we moved down to Nebraska so he could attend dental school and I could get my masters while working. While Nebraska definitely has some outdoor activities, we missed the massive mountains and being near the ocean. We planned a trip back up to Alaska over the summer and I was just so happy to get back up there that an engagement was not really on my mind.

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