Abby and Kyle

Image 1 of Abby and Kyle

How We Met

March 2019 Kyle messaged me on Christian Mingle. We eventually met at a Moe’s in Fort Wayne since it was a middle ground for meeting for the first time. The third date was at laser tag which was a blast! After a month we met each other’s parents. For Kyle’s birthday that year, I sent him on a day-long scavenger hunt around his hometown. 6 months went by, life’s still good. We adopted our handsome young man Zurich (our cat) on February 15th of 2020. We celebrated our one-year anniversary during quarantine.

Image 2 of Abby and Kyle

How They Asked

December 5, 2020, Kyle had me go on a day-long scavenger hunt. It started by taking me around my hometown. Then at my parents’ house, the clue led me to Fort Wayne where I met up with Kyle and then went around Fort Wayne to important places in our relationship. The last one led us to his hometown back to his house. Around his house were puzzle pieces I had to find.

Image 3 of Abby and Kyle

Image 4 of Abby and Kyle

The puzzle said “Detective Pikachu” so we watched that. Then we went to the theater where we watched that movie for the first time. The last stop (I didn’t know it was the last stop) was his parents’ house where we had our first kiss. We went inside where there were rose petals, little candles, and pictures hanging everywhere. Both sets of parents were there and Kyle got down on one knee and proposed. I squealed but there was a yes in there. “I know for the rest of my life, I want to make new memories with you” ~ Kyle.

Special Thanks

Robin & Scott
 | My parents
Tenel & David
 | His parents