Abby and Keenan

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How We Met

It started out the way most modern love stories do…a swipe right. After months of denying Keenans many many requests for a solid three months straight in the summer of 2018, I finally caved in. I met him in the middle of the night at his dad’s house in September where we spent hours talking, eating graham crackers, and watching Hey Arnold together. I knew he was the one by the way he talked about his love for animals. We both share that interest, and it has made such an impact on our story.

How They Asked

As a Kentucky-bred couple through and through, it was important that the two of us incorporate our love for this state into our story. Lexington, KY (aka the horse capital of the world) was the first trip we took together just the two of us. We are both extreme animal enthusiasts and horses have always been a common interest of ours, especially being from the South. It then became a tradition every fall for us to visit this city where we would explore the town together.

Keenan planned this year’s trip and mentioned it would be nice for us to take our annual Christmas card photo at the iconic “Kentucky Horse Park” but this year we would hire a professional to do it (instead of a tripod). In front of the legendary “Man O’ War racehorse” statue, our photographer asked us to turn back to back and close our eyes. She asked us to imagine the love of our lives standing in front of us when we turned around to capture our expressions in the photo. She counted down “3…2…1…”. When I turned around Keenan was there on one knee with the ring of my dreams in his hand.

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We both couldn’t let words out and instead just cried happy tears with each other for a minute straight before he was able to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together.

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After our photoshoot, we walked around to explore the area. He then surprised me with a special rooftop dinner overlooking the city with our closest friends and family. He even flew out my best friend from LA.

It was indeed the best day of my life, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

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Special Thanks

Cheyenne Bayne
 | Photographer