Abby and Kaleb

Where to Propose in Piedmont Park, Atlanta GA

How We Met

We went to the same church growing up and had know of each other for a long time before we officially met, but we didn’t introduce ourselves until the summer of my junior year of high school. The two of us became really good friends before he told me he liked me and asked me out on a date. I think we both new in the early stages of our relationship that we were to be together for the rest of our lives.

how they asked

Earlier in the week the two of us made plans to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom (which has been our favorite pizza place for a long time) and to also take a walk in Piedmont Park which is a huge local park in downtown Atlanta. During our stroll, we found a beautiful little area where you could see the skyline of downtown, the two of us stopped to admire the scenery and thats where he popped the question! Out of no where, my sister and two of our close friends appeared and began to hug and congratulate us, they talked and laughed about the craziness of preparing for that day. I was overjoyed, my face hurt from smiling so much, AND I had a pretty new ring! After my sister left, the four of us spent some time in the city, what I didn’t know was that this was a way to buy some time for the next surprise. Our friends left and we were able to spend time alone together and talk about everything leading up to our engagement day. We met up with my sister again to eat dinner at a swanky Vienna-style cafe, as I was reading over the menu in walks my best friend who lives in Maine with the biggest smile on her face “Is this seat taken?” she asked. She told my that my fiancé flew her in to be with me for the weekend!!! I was done for “This day could not get any better!” I thought. We finished eating our dinner then went to my new fiancé’s house to show his parents my 1920’s vintage ring, I opened the door to find the house decorated, with cake on the table, and all of our favorite people in the kitchen all shouting “SURPRISE!!”. Best day of my life, God is so good.