Abby and Justin

how we met

Justin and I (Abby) first met my freshman year at college. Because our school wanted to make sure there was a strong community on campus, they partner up one female dorm with one male dorm each year, known as “sister and brother dorms”. Justin was on my brother dorm and immediately caught my attention! We quickly formed a group of friends, but soon realized we had a different friendship than anyone else in the group. He asked me on our first date on October 13th, 2016, and over 2.5 years later, I still get butterflies every date night.

how they asked

Justin did SUCH a good job. We had been talking about getting engaged for quite some time, so I knew it was coming; however, I didn’t know it was happening the day that it did! Justin earlier in the week asked if I wanted to go to a winery and listen to a local band that was playing there to celebrate my birthday. I, of course, agreed and the plans were made. I was a little suspicious but brushed it off because I had thought he was proposing many times before and was always wrong. Oops.

I woke up the morning of and looked outside my window and it was POURING rain. I definitely was convinced that it wasn’t happening that day. I texted Justin asking if we were even still going to the winery and he just said: “The event is happening rain or shine!” Right around 3pm, the rain completely stopped. We went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and I noticed Justin seemed really giddy! I thought it was so cute he was so happy to see me for my birthday (still clueless). From the restaurant, we started driving to the event. We talked and laughed as we drove through the mountains. Then, Justin started reminiscing about our relationship and the many memories he held onto. I was captivated by his sweet words, not paying attention to where we were really going when, all of the sudden, he pulled off and stated, “I want to create new memories with you.” and put the car in park. I looked over and there I saw a trail of 60 paper-lit lanterns leading to a table at the base of the waterfall. It finally clicked in my brain that we weren’t actually going to a birthday celebration. We walked down, and he asked me to marry him! I, of course, said yes! Later that night, we went out to get ice cream sandwiches with some of our closest friends to celebrate! It was truly the BEST day.

Special Thanks

Copper And Co.
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Wekiva Springs State Park
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