Abby and John

How We Met

In January 2014 I was on a cruise with my family and best friend to celebrate my college graduation. On the first day I saw a guy walking around that looked very familiar to my friend and I. I thought I knew him from home and he thought he knew him from his work. On the second night of the cruise we were sitting at the casino bar and saw him again. He sat down and we continued to question how we knew him. Finally, I got up the courage to ask him if he was from my town and turns out him and my friend worked for the same company. As we all continued to talk it turned out I was right and he was from my town. Even crazier is we middle school together and had been in the same grade, but never really crossed paths. He still lived in the same area in Pittsburgh, PA and I had just moved back back. It was crazy! We spent every day together for the remainder of the trip and before we left he asked if he could take me out when he got home. The rest is history.

how they asked

I am a middle school teacher and co-producer of my school’s spring play. I always joked that I wanted someone there to take a picture when he eventually proposed to me. I wasn’t expecting anything close to what he did. My fiance found my co-workers number off of my iPad and set the whole thing up. It was opening night of our middle school production of Aladdin. I had been extremely stressed all week and was probably not the funnest girl to be around. Finally the play was over and I was relieved that everything went well. During the curtain call while I was saying thank you to the crowd I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Image 1 of Abby and John

I turned around and he was standing there he said, “Is this the crowd you wanted?” and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in utter shock and awe at the amount of effort he put into our proposal. It was absolutely perfect! And of course, I said yes!