Abby and Jacob

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How We Met

Jacob and I met on the very popular dating app tinder. I remember looking at his profile for longer than usual thinking to myself “okay he’s either a real guy or I’m about to get catfished.” So I decided to take the chance and swiped right and then suddenly there in big red letters “match!”. I didn’t give much thought to it because let’s be honest I was really shy on the app and wasn’t there for the typical reason people use the app. I was just trying to figure out what I wanted in a relationship and really just wanted to talk to people. Well, the next day I wake up and see a message from Jacob in my DMs with a Harry Potter reference which instantly piqued my interest since it was something I had listed on my profile. We then started texting a lot and I mean A LOT.

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I had flown out to Arkansas to see a friend of mine but was ultimately ditched by them and when I told Jacob he called me and we watched the Winter Olympics together over the phone. It was honestly the first time I felt like a guy genuinely cared about me. When I got home Jacob made it a point that we go on a date ASAP cause he really wanted to meet me. But I had never been on a date with someone I met on the internet! I finally built up the courage to go on the date and I made sure everyone knew where I was going to be and at what time and had all the secret codes ready for if our date went south. Instead, though I was welcomed by this incredibly handsome, kind gentleman who when I first saw him all I could say was “I like your pants.” Now come on who says that!?!

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Shortly after our first date, we became official and we started traveling around Texas together and planning our future together. We moved into our first apartment together in Arkansas about 6 months after living together and our relationship for sure went through some rough patches but we were determined to work things out. So a couple of therapy sessions later mine and Jacobs relationship became something out of a fairytale and it’s so cute it’s gross. We moved back to our home town of Fort Worth about a year ago and that’s when engagement became a very big subject.

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How They Asked

Well first and for most. I knew way more about our engagement then more girls would. Jacob had called me one day frantically because he forgot the stone information I had told him just the other day. So the day of the proposal I was cleaning up the kitchen and Jacob was just looking at me weird and when I asked him what was wrong he just said “your ring is coming today.” I tried to play it really cool but on the inside, I was FREAKING OUT.

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Later that day I was going to go to the craft store and I asked Jacob if he wanted to come with. As he was getting ready I joked with him and said “you know since my ring is here you could just propose to me now.” Unknowingly Jacob went and grabbed the ring box from behind a picture frame on the bookshelf. He stood there and told me how much he had been wanted to do this and how much he loved me keep in mind while this is happening I’m the ugliest of crying. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I obviously said yes and I can’t wait to be Mrs.Strieff.

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