Abby and Jackson

how we met

We first met at the gym in our home town. I was a junior in high school (16 at the time) and he was the hot 21 year old guy I thought I’d never have a shot at. I remember the first time we ever spoke was when oddly enough, I got the tires stolen off of my car. It was bizarre but makes for a good story now and was a great icebreaker because it’s not every day your car is just sitting on cinderblocks outside your house!

how they asked

So I had just finished up my semester of nursing school that determined whether I was going to be graduating with honors or not (by the grace of God I somehow pulled it off!). Jax said he wanted to treat me for all of my hard work which was completely normal for him and I had been wanting to try this nice restaurant in Pittsburg called Altius so that was the plan! He mentioned going ahead and taking some pictures at the scenic outlook at Mt. Washington before dinner since it was right beside the restaurant and we were already going to be dressed up. When we got to Mt. Washington there were so many people! I was too embarrassed to set the tripod up in front of all of these people so Jax ended up doing it and what I thought was going to be my next profile picture, ended up being the best moment of my life! All captured on video which I love and will cherish forever! It was amazing, but Jackson doesn’t stop there. When I finally took a second to look around I noticed a girl and a guy taking pictures of us and I was so excited to hopefully get ahold of the moments they just captured. But y’all, my fiancé had been working with Aly and her fiancé for MONTHS to make sure this day came together perfectly! I couldn’t believe how well Aly and her fiancé played it off. I actually noticed the two of them taking pictures of each other and even pointed out that it looked like they just got engaged (they were taking pictures of her ring!) We got all of our sweet photos the very next day and I am so thankful I’ll have them forever!

Special Thanks

Aly Brooke Photography
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Mt. Washington Overlook
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