Abby and Jack - Grandmother's Ring!

How We Met: I met Jack through my cousin Rachel when I was 18. Rachel was having
a get together and I went over to her friend’s house where Jack lived 
next door. That night Jack took me for a ride on his motorcycle. We
 stopped to get gas and I will never forget his first compliment to me – there I was standing with my helmet on, only a small portion of my
 face peering through, and Jack told me what a beautiful smile I had!

 that point on we couldn’t get enough of each other. We had an amazing
 summer together, though I was unfortunately going away to college for nursing
 school that same summer. Jack and I stayed together, however, and during the 
four years that I was away at Plattsburgh, I would come home on 
weekends to see Jack. During that time we had found a beautiful old 
farm house that we fell in love with. So the motorcycle and other
 toys got sold and we bought an old money pit that we love! It was a
lot of work over the past few years during the restoration process,
 but it is where we call home. It was hard being away at school, and
 doing so much work on the house, but it only made us stronger as a

how they asked: I had graduated nursing school and we decided to take a much
 needed vacation, so we went to Ft. Lauderdale and then took a cruise to 
the Bahamas. The day before we went on our cruise we took a trip down
 to the Keys. Of course we got up at the crack of dawn to get started
 on our journey. We stopped at a small diner in Key Largo called Doc’s
 Diner and enjoyed a delicious breakfast, but mainly we wanted to stop
 and ask the locals were the best beaches were. They had recommended
 Anne’s Beach; so off we went.

We pulled up to a small parking area
were the crystal clear ocean water took your breath away. There was a 
wooded path that led you to the actual beach, and of course I was so
 taken aback by the natural beauty around me that I didn’t notice Jack
 trailing behind. There I am taking photos non-stop, yelling to Jack,
“get in front of me, I want to take a picture of you,” as I continued 
to walk forward not even thinking about him lagging behind.

Again I
 say, “Jack get in front of me so I can take a picture of you!” At this 
point I am starting to get frustrated, as I think to myself, “why the 
heck is he ignoring me!?” Finally I turn around, just about ready to
 yell to him and there he was on one knee, asking me to marry him. Of
 course I said yes!

He began to put the ring on my finger as he told me 
that his Grandfather had bought this ring for his Grandmother when he
 got out of World War II. The tears just would not stop rolling down my 
face! It was like a fairy tale. I had always dreamed of having a
family ring; it meant the world to me.

I believe that it is
 exceptionally sentimental, and something that I would love to pass 
along to our family some day. Of course I had to immediately call all
of my friends and family to tell them the great news! The rest of our
 vacation was amazing, but we were both so excited to get home and 
celebrate with loved ones.

Ever since we bought our home, we said we would get married there some
day. So on September 10th, 2011 after being together for 6 years and 
creating the most wonderful friendship, we got married. It was a
 perfect Fall evening; our view overlooking the Green Mountains from 
our country home which created a picturesque setting for our perfect day!
 We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding.

Photos by Scott Kretschmann