Abby and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I were introduced by a mutual friend at Seton Hall in the fall of my senior year (his freshman year). I was an RA at the time, and halfway through the year, he moved onto my floor. Needless to say, we talked and hung out quite a bit but never were officially a couple–it didn’t make sense since I was graduating. So I finished up the year and moved to Annapolis in January 2011–we still texted occasionally but still nothing official. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve 2012 when I was out with some girlfriends and after a few drinks decided to text Greg. Well we haven’t stopped texting, he drove down to visit a few weeks later and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

We started talking about making things officially official earlier this year and went ring shopping together to get an idea of what I liked, I mean at this point we had been together for 5+ years and had a house and a dog, so really it was just a matter of time. Well, this was back in March, and I thought nothing of it, thinking Greg would probably wait until I was done with grad school in December to propose.

Instead, he surprised me by popping the question at Manor Hill Brewery in Columbia, MD on July 15, 2017. We love craft beer and had just spent the day visiting a couple new-to-us breweries in Maryland, Greg said he wanted the proposal to just be part of our everyday lives, so this was perfect. We celebrated that evening calling friends and family and having dinner at one of our favorite spots in Annapolis!

Special Thanks

Dani Nicole Photography