Abby and Devon

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How We Met

A little over 9 years ago, Devon and I met at a new years eve party. After that day, we started dating and I think we both knew right away that we were perfect for each other. We went out on dates like any normal couple, but then Devon showed me something really special. His parents lived out in the country where they shared a road with a state owned quarry. The quarry was above the house on the hill right next door. “I want to show you something” Devon told me one day. We took his dad’s fourwheeler past the gate and up to the top where he showed me the valley. You could see for miles and the scenery was absolutely stunning. “This is one of my favorite spots to come and relax and think about my life. I wanted to show you because I know you would appreciate it as much as I do.” Ever since then we have gone up there for when we want a special date night. We always talked about what we wanted in our lives and where we could see our futures going together. On October 8th of 2016, he took me to this spot for one of our date nights. When we got there he had been up there earlier that day and set up 2 chairs and a campfire. We sat there talking about our lives together like we had always done before. He then stood up in front of me and got down on one knee. He pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. Devon and I have been happily engaged since then and are getting married on August 18th this year.

how they asked

Once he was down on his knee, I honestly don’t remember everything he said. I was in shock and couldn’t believe what I was seeing before my eyes. I just remember how nervous he was and how his eyes told me just how much he loved me. Once I realized he had paused to hear my answer I cried and said “Yes! Of course!”

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