Abby and Daylen

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bryce Canyon National Park

How We Met

Daylen and I met in high school. We started high school in 10th grade in our town. Daylen and I had a lot of classes together, and started to become friends and bond over our mutual love of baseball when school started in August. On September 9, 2013, he asked me to our school’s homecoming dance with a bucket of flowers and baseballs, and a card that said, “It would be a grand slam if you came to homecoming with me!” I never saw it coming! I, of course, said yes and we went to every high school dance after that together. After that day, I never once questioned if we were dating or not, we just were. Pictured: us at a high school dance, Abigail Erin Photography.

how they asked

Daylen planned our Bryce trip all by himself. He booked hotels, planned activities and everything. I was so excited when he said we were going to Bryce! It’s one of my favorite places ever. We left on the morning of March 1st. The only stop we made on our way to Bryce was the Lehi Cabela’s! We love Cabela’s. My favorite part is the aquarium! There are so many cool fish that live in Utah. Our favorite was a huge pike that was hovering above the other fish. We walked around the entire store, since we don’t get to visit Lehi very often.

After Cabela’s, We drove through some snow and sun and finally got to Bryce Canyon. After checking in to our hotel, we were both excited to see the canyon so we went straight there! Daylen had been nervous about the weather before, but when we arrived, the clouds parted and it was warm enough to not have to wear a coat. I wasn’t expecting anything. I was just excited it was sunny! I even chose the rim point we went to. Daylen later told me he was just really hoping I’d pick Sunset Point, which I did.

When we got to the point, I started taking some photos of the rocks. Daylen suggested that we walk up the trail along the rim, so we did! We got to a nice looking bench in the sun and sat and talked for a bit. The view was breathtaking at sunset! The hoodoos were glowing. While we were sitting on the bench, Daylen stood up, pulled a box out of his pocket, and kneeled in front of me and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised, and we were both welling up. It truly was the perfect moment! Afterwards, we walked along the rim and Daylen finally got to tell me about all of the ways he had tried to hide the fact he was proposing so he wouldn’t ruin it. He’s not usually the best with surprises so it was hard for him!

Abby and Daylen's Engagement in Bryce Canyon National Park

I couldn’t have asked for a better fiancé or a better proposal. It was perfect! All photos by Abigail Erin Photography (@abigailerinphotography)

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