Abby and Danny

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How We Met

I first met Danny in the seventh grade. He had just moved from California and was the “new kid” just down the street. Since we lived in the same neighborhood we ended up seeing each other at lots of social events and quickly became friends. In fact, he was (and still is) my best friend all throughout Jr. High and High School. We went on a few dates our senior year but at the time we were both teenagers dating around and dating other people so I never expected our relationship to develop past a friendship. But fast forward a couple years and my best friend turned into a boyfriend and is now my FIANCÉ!

how they asked

On Friday, 7/7/17, Danny told me to get dressed up because he wanted to take me out on a fancy date. When I asked where we were going, he wouldn’t tell me and just said “it’s a surprise”. That evening he picked me up and we took a nice drive up a nearby canyon. At first I was a little confused as to where we could possibly be going, but that soon became clear as we reached Snowbird Ski Resort and headed towards top floor of the Cliff Lodge and to the Aerie Restaurant. When we reached the restaurant the waiter took us to the “best seat in the house” that overlooked the beautiful resort and the entire canyon.

(I would later learn that Danny had stopped by the day before and picked out this table for us!)

I was so excited and we ended up having the most amazing meal all while looking out at the beautiful view of the lush canyon below. After dinner, Danny suggested we take a walk around the grounds and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We stopped by the restaurant balcony to enjoy the view one last time, and headed towards the elevators and down to the resort grounds. As we started walking around, Danny grabbed my hand and began leading me towards the tram! We walked over to the tram boarding deck and just as I was thinking we were about to turn around and head in a different direction, Danny pulled out two tram tickets and handed them to the worker at the ticket booth. I looked at him, completely shocked, but he just smiled and we boarded the tram.

A few minutes later we were soaring about the entire canyon and looking at the mountains below. By this point, I was certain of what was happening and I was starting to get nervous. I could tell that Danny was nervous too,but he just hugged me and looked out the window until the car reached the end of the cable and we unloaded the tram at the very top of the highest mountain around. As we exited, Danny once again grabbed my hand and lead me to a nearby staircase and up the stairs to the most beautiful lookout. As we reached the lookout point I saw red roses spread across the ground. I then looked and saw that strung across the glass railing were at least a hundred pictures of Danny and I.

I felt like my heart was skipping a beat as we walked along the photos and began looking at them all. There were photos from when we were just two 13 year old best friends, and photos as recent as the day before. As I was looking at all of our memories I heard our song start to play on a speaker and Danny turned and asked me dance. We began dancing and twirling around and as we did, I saw Danny’s three siblings off to the side of the lookout point snapping pictures of us. As our song was reaching the end Danny paused our dancing, and grabbed both of my hands.

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We were both shaking, and about in tears, as Danny told me about how much he loved me, got down on one knee, pulled out an amazing ring we had designed together, and asked “Will you marry me?”. Of course I said “Yes”, and the moments following were an absolute whirlwind. We were so excited as his siblings came over to congratulate us, along with a small crowd that had formed. We took some pictures and ended up staying on the mountain, looking over the view of the entire world below us, until the last tram ride down of the night. It was the most amazing night, and I still can’t believe that I got engaged to my best friend since middle school!

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Special Thanks

Kyle Randall
 | Took photos for us! Helped set up! -- No website as he is a family member!