Abby and Daine

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How We Met

I went to an all-girls school (St Pats) and he went to the all-boys school (St Gregs) in our area. We met through mutual friends while we were at school but didn’t like each other. I would see him at the train station and parties but he had a girlfriend at the time and I thought he was a bit of a loser anyway. LOL. Fast forward a couple of years it’s 2015 and he has just graduated in 2014 and I was now in year 12. One of my best friends Tyler, her boyfriend, and I decided in May 2015 that we would go to the Groovin the Moo festival in Maitland. So we organized it and headed off. About halfway through the day, we were heading into one of the tents to see a band. My friend Tyler yelled out saying that she could see Daine from St Gregs and we should go say hello. I was reluctant as like I said I didn’t like him when we were at school. But I agreed and we went over to see him.

We chatted to him and his friends for a bit before eventually all the people I was with and all the people he was with had broken off into couples and were off dancing together. So that just left us. We just went with it and hung together. Then we got talking and laughing and dancing and we realized we were similar and had been wrong about each other during school. We watched the band san cisco together and danced and sang so loudly and at the end when my friends came to get me to go see another band he quickly grabbed me and kissed me. I think we both felt something at that moment because the rest is history….

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How They Asked

Daine told me he was going to organize something for us to do for our 6 year anniversary. I annoyed him for about two weeks after he said this trying to guess where we were going or what we were doing. All he said was that I should buy a nice dress to wear. On the day of our proposal, we both got dressed up and jumped in the car the whole way I was guessing where we were heading “blue mountains?”, “the coast?” then we turned onto the highway… “THE CITY”. Once we got into the city we parked the car near pier 1 and I asked if we were staying here should I bring my bags. He told me to leave them so I assumed we were having a nice lunch or something. Then as we walked inside he said his name and the concierge took us up in a lift.

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I was very confused at this point especially when the lift doors opened and we were in a hotel hallway with just rooms on either side. So we walk down the hallway until we get to a door and it gets opened. Daine tells me to go in first and as I walk in I can see a beautiful room and a photographer out on the balcony where there is a beautiful igloo set up with all white flowers and candles and beautiful big white chairs. I start heading that way thinking oh my gosh what is happening right now. As I get into the igloo my favorite song is playing “Home” by Edward Sharpe. I was almost in tears at this point and I turn around to say something to Daine. And there he is already on one knee. He said something along the lines of, “You make me the happiest man in the world will you marry me”. Of course, I said yes and gave him a huge hug and kiss I was so overwhelmed and excited. The rest is a whirlwind blur. I started crying straight away everything was so perfect. After the proposal, we had some beautiful photos were taken and ate some lovely food together and champagne in
our igloo. It was a truly amazing moment that I will treasure and remember forever.

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Special Thanks

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