Abby and Casidy

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How We Met

Cas and I met each other in high school, we remained acquaintances through mutual friends over the years, until a random reconnection led us to more than that. I’d love to say this reconnection was romantic, but was in fact a Facebook message. Haha. We started dating in 2014, first I was little hesitant as I had just gotten out of a rocky relationship. There has always been something about Cas, he made me feel so safe and so secure from the beginning, and still does today. As our relationship flourished, so did my love for him. I have never thanked God for anything as much as I do for giving me this man to do life with.

how they asked

Saturday night Cas picked me up to go to dinner with 2 of our best friends. As we were driving there he mentioned that our friends were going to be late, this was no surprise as these friends have a tendency for being late haha. He followed that statemeant with how his grandmother said she hasn’t seen any recent pictures of us posted on Facebook, and that he feels we need to take a picture for her. I responded “okay, well we can take a picture at dinner.” He offered the idea that we should go down to the river and take it so that it has a nice background. With confusion, I agreed. We arrived at the Mather’s bridge in our town and walked down to the rocks lining the shoreline. We had taken a few selfies as Cas noted “hey, look at that surf board over there.” I looked over and thought wow, strange who would just leave their surfboard on the rocks. He then said well, go get it. I walked down towards the board and went to pick it up, he then said read what it says. I read the words on the board, and in shock turned to him. He was already on his knee. Such overwhelming joy when he said those four words “will you marry me?” A few seconds later our best friends came out for the bushes and they had captured the whole moment. It was the absolute most perfect little scenario for the two of us. I am so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend by my side.

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