Abby and Caleb

How We Met

Caleb and I met through our youth group at Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas. When I was going into ninth grade, I was at youth group one night and he caught my eye during worship. There was a moment in the song when all of the instruments stopped and one of my favorite things to do is to people watch during these moments. When my eyes shifted to the drum set, I saw a super cute boy (my now- fiancé) who was closing his eyes and singing.

Proposal Ideas Fellowship Bible Church

Where to Propose in Fellowship Bible Church

I thought to myself, “I deserve a boy like that who loves Jesus.” I remember praying that I would one day be able to date someone like the boy I saw playing the drums. Fast forward not too long after that night, we got set up and started texting. Although he wasn’t as perfect as I’d ~drummed~ up in my mind, as time went on and we grew up and matured together, he became everything I could have ever wanted or needed in a future husband.

Abby's Proposal in Fellowship Bible Church

how they asked

Around Christmas time, Caleb gave me a notebook that he wanted us to write notes and prayers for each other in. Since then, we’ve been writing in and exchanging the notebook back to each other whenever possible. Little did I know, he intended for that notebook to be the one he’d write his proposal in. The night he proposed, he picked me up from my house and said we were going to dinner. I suspected something was going to happen because the weather was super muggy/humid/hot/very Kansas-esque that day, and he showed up wearing pants and was looking real dapper.

We went to Planet Sub, my favorite sandwich shop, and about mid-sandwich, we got a text from our friends, James and Lydia. “Hammock double d8 in FBC woods???” the text read. I remember thinking that it was weird that they were hammocking in the rain, and that maybe we were a little overdressed to go on a mini-hike.

However, we started our trek to the church, and once we got there I noticed he grabbed the previously mentioned notebook out of the back seat. Once we started walking towards the hammock area, he started reading a letter out of our notebook. As he explained why he loved me, how we’ve grown together, and why he wanted to marry me, he also started to explain the reasons behind his proposal.

He told me that the reason he got the now prayer-saturated notebook in December was so that he could eventually propose to me with it. He also explained that the spot he proposed to me was where he first fell in love with me. Our walks in the woods behind our church may have seemed pretty normal in the past, (*says in sassy voice* besides the time we had to cross a creek and he didn’t grab my hand on the way over and I fell in) I now realized how important they were to Caleb. After he was done reading his note, we stood on a rose-filled blanket I made him a few years ago, and he asked me to marry him. And I said yes!

“Was it awkward? Because you guys are both awkward,” my friend Saige asked me. Although neither of us knew what to do and the ring exchange wasn’t as smooth as the movies depict, the moment was not awkward. Even though we’ve been dating for about four and a half years, I think we both blacked out slightly. It goes to show how special the long-awaited moment was for us. We are so excited to finally be engaged!

Special Thanks

James Rogg
 | Photographer
Lydia Vincent
 | Photographer assistant/ decorator