Abby and Brannon

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How We Met

Bran and I met when he and his family joined our church family several years ago. I became good friends with all of them, and soon felt like a member of the family. In December of 2014, we went on our first official date, even though I wasn’t sure I wanted to be more than friends. Bran was patient as we took things slow, but we started spending more and more time together. Throughout the course of that next year, I realized that he was my best friend. We had some rough patches, but we learned to talk through them instead of just giving up. He was the person I shared everything with, the person who made me laugh when I’d had a bad day, the person I wanted to be there with me for the good times and the bad. We have been there for each other through hard times, from the death of loved ones to his mom’s battle with breast cancer. But we have shared many happy moments as well, from baseball games, mission trips, and friends’ weddings. Some where along the way, I had fallen for this goofy guy and hadn’t even realized it! We began to talk and pray about our future together more seriously. I knew that one day we would get married, but I had no idea that that day might come sooner than I thought!

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how they asked

On Saturday, February 27, I had plans with one of my best friends, Charity. She had asked me earlier in the week to have a little “Girls’ Night” with her and we had agreed to go to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. She picked me up around 4:00 that evening and we drove to the restaurant. As we got out of the car, I heard my sister and turned to see her and her husband walking toward me. She handed me a box and a “clue.” I opened the box to find a new Pandora bracelet. The clue told me that I was beginning an adventure and that I had to find my next clue. I knew then that this would not be a typical “girls night” with Charity! From the restaurant, the clue told me to go down the road to the school that I work at. When I got there, our friends, Carrie and Andy, were waiting with another clue and box. This box had a charm for the bracelet and the clue told me to continue on down the road to the grocery store where my dad works. At the store, my parents were there with another charm and clue. From there, I was sent to a local hardware store, called Marvin’s, where Brannon works. He had told me that he had to work that evening so I expected to find him there. Instead, his parents were there with another charm and clue. This clue led me to our church, to our pastor’s office. Once I got to the church, our pastor gave me the final clue and charm for my bracelet. The last clue led me out to our church’s sanctuary, where I found Brannon waiting for me at the front. All the people who had given me clues along the way and some other close family and friends were also there. As I walked in, a video started playing on the screen in the sanctuary. It was a slideshow of the two of us together and with our families throughout the years. It was so sweet and made me cry. When the video was over, Bran got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes immediately and he then put the most beautiful ring on my finger while our family and friends cheered for us. Once I wrapped my head around everything, I noticed that everyone was wearing green shirts that said #branandabbysayido on the front and they had one for me that said “bride to be” on the back. After that, we all loaded up and went to eat at Cracker Barrel to celebrate. The whole evening was so sweet and special to me because Bran thought to include our family and friends, who are so important to us both. It meant the world to me to be able to share that experience with my parents and everyone else. He went above and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed up as the perfect proposal and it showed me just how important our relationship is to him and how much he loves me! I’m a very blessed girl!

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