Abbria and Keith

Image 1 of Abbria and KeithHow We Met: It was a beautiful Saturday in High Point, NC and I planned to enjoy a good workout, Goodwill shopping and lunch with the girls. Two thirds of that was a success but my girls cancelled on me for more exciting adventures. So I extended my shopping journey, which was perfectly ok with me. I get a call from my male best friend. “Bri come to this cookout in Lexington” I reply “No, not interested I am not trying to drive and I don’t know anybody there but you”. He says “come on it’s for DREAM”. Dream is a non-profit organization that benefits minority middle school aged boys. Sadly, I still said no. As I continue soaking in retail heaven I received ANOTHER call from Brio. “Abbria, JUST COME”! I finally gave in went home changed and headed to Lexington.

I arrive to the cookout to a FINALLY greeting from Brio and he proceeds to introduce me to the people there. A handsome guy walks passed and says “Hey Abbria” I spoke back not knowing how he knows my name. We engaged in the usual small talk, him asking, “how have things been and what’s going on in my life.” Not knowing that through the entire conversation, I had no clue who he was. I quickly ask Brio “Who is that?” with the he’s cute tone implied. Brio emphatically states “Abbria leave my friends alone, NOW!” We bust out in laughter and continued other introductions. Later on the handsome guy comes and speaks to me again. I finally remembered! It was Keith one half of the twin engineers from my amazing college days at NC A&T. Much to my surprise we actually did know each other and had brief conversation while in college. It was the newly bald head and beard that through me off a tad. We talked for a while and caught up on life after college. He didn’t ask for my number that night but we crossed paths again.

My friends all have birthdays in September so we planned a road trip to DC to celebrate. While planning the trip in TGIF’s parking lot, Keith drives up. He comes over to speak to my friends and me (Brio included) and somehow gets invited by my friend Tanda. Needless to say we went on the trip and had a blast and as cliché as it sounds have been inseparable ever since.On the way back, we had a long conversation about life goals, family and spiritual beliefs. I knew he was special. So now I tell my single friends look around you your mate is probably not as far as you think. We initially met in 2003 and didn’t begin to date until 2011. We just kept crossing each other’s path. God’s timing is impeccable!To sum it up, our love story started with a random meeting at a cookout, a parking lot conversation and a road trip to D.C.

how they asked: WOW! That’s the only way I know how to express my feelings for our magical proposal. The setting, THE DETAIL and of course the love! As we walked, headed to have a few drinks before dinner, so I thought. I finally focused and noticed the walkway lined with gorgeous flowers and décor in Tiffany blue and silver. Note that I am in the wedding industry so these details literally make my heart happy.

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As we walk further Keith guides me to a beautiful handwritten note that said “First Kiss”, to which the answer were on the back. We went through a few more notes “First date”, “First time we said I love you” and the most shocking and emotional one “Her biggest dreams and aspirations”, to which Keith answered perfectly!

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Here is when I had to start holding back the tears. We walked a little further to an amazingly gorgeous table with a picture of us and my son in the center. There was also a handwritten poem on the plate and champagne to share. At this point I knew something major was happening either he was building me up to tell me something awful or my dreams were about to come true. My heart said the latter. “It” happened, he asked me to be his wife and life partner and of course I said “yes” to happily ever after!>

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Proposal Planner: Blush Event Company
Photographer: Loyall Hart, Knight Weddings