Abbie and Wesley

How We Met

The two of us worked last summer mFUGE, a Christian, mission based camp in Charleston, SC. I am from Tallahassee, FL, my fiancee is from Knoxville, TN. Both of us held specialty positions at the camp. Abbie was the mission mobilizer meaning that she was in charge of teaching the students about the mission focus for the summer. I was in charge of the painting, construction, and yard work equipment. We, along with five other staffers, arrived in Charleston a couple of days before the rest of staff to prepare for their arrival. She was already on campus when I arrived. I hopped out of my truck and saw her. Messy bun, baggy t-shirt, and nike shorts. I knew in that moment that this was the woman who I would marry.

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Fast forward to the end of summer when everyone goes home. I asked Abbie if she would like to go to breakfast with me. She said yes! We went to breakfast then went our separate ways back home. The next week was her birthday. I planned on driving to Knoxville to surprise her…… she figured it out so she wasn’t surprised. While I was there, her dad wanted to take me fishing. I assumed that he wanted to talk about dating his only daughter, so I took a few ours away so that I could start my relationship with who I was hoping would become my future father in-law on the right foot.

Abbie's Proposal in Thomasville, GA

how they asked

We continued to date long distance for 9 months. Me driving seven and a half hours to see Abbie. Abbie flying down to Florida to see me. After putting an extra 10,000 miles on my truck, I decided that is was time for me to ask for her hand in marriage. I began reading all about rings and diamonds (plus stalked Abbie’s Pinterest). I went to a local ring shop and picked out a round-halo ring that I knew she would love. Her father and I had already been planning to go fishing my next visit (this had become a normal thing for us); I figured that would be a perfect opportunity to ask for his blessing. Her father, is a quiet, Southern Baptist pastor who keeps many of his thoughts to himself. I knew he would give his blessing, but I was still nervous to ask.

He gave his blessing while laying out the ground rules for marrying his daughter. I began planning the engagement. I knew that I wanted to ask her in the Rose Garden in Thomasville, Ga after taking her to our favorite restaurant, Jonah’s. We had gone there with my best friend and his wife the very first time she came to visit me in Tallahassee, but that was in August so the rose bushes where not in bloom. People are very important to Abbie, so I knew that she would want all of her closest friend around her to celebrate moving into this new stage stage of life. I began inviting people from all over the southeast to come into Tallahassee for a party. The day had finally arrived! I repeated that whole first date in Tallahassee for her on our engagement day. I asked my best friend’s wife, Sarah, to suggest going to the rose garden after Jonah’s. We were taking pictures in front of the gazebo when I turned to Abbie and said, “You know I love you right?

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I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I dropped down to one knee and with tears in my eyes I asked her. “Abbie Lynn James, will you marry me?” SHE SAID YES!!! I was actually able to surprise her this time!

After this, one of her best friends and photographer, Lilly, appeared from the bushes!

We took pictures around Thomasville then headed back to Tallahassee where I surprised her with her family friends at my house.

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