Abbie and Peter

How We Met

Abbie and I met one night at a well known night club in Waterloo called Phils. Phils is well known for cheap drinks, good music, and having a ceiling you should keep your eyes off of if you want to avoid feeling ill. I was there with my friend and she was there with her two girlfriends. I saw her on the dance floor and thought to myself, man is she ever pretty. I then saw a short guy with a parka on trying to dance with her. She didn’t look all that impressed so I thought id try and save her by moving my way in between them. He wasn’t all that happy but she seemed to be. We danced for the rest of the night, never once going to buy drinks. At the end of the night, she asked me if I wanted to come with them to get McDonald’s, and she immediately got in my good books. A few weeks went by of us getting to know each other when I decided to ask her at her Dad’s cottage if she’d be my girlfriend. We were sitting by the fire at night and she forced me down on one knee to ask her to be my girlfriend. That’s where it all began.

How They Asked

I had been planning this proposal for the last few years. I always knew I wanted to marry her, I just wanted the timing to be right. I wanted this day to be perfect. I finally decided on a memory lane proposal at our home. I custom ordered a rose gold solitaire ring from Kurtis sales in Waterloo. The night before I proposed I snuck into her car and put a card in the glove box. The card had instructions on it for her mini scavenger hunt. She worked until 3 pm that day, so at 2 I texted her saying that I had a surprise for her after work and that she’d find instructions in her car. The card told her I had booked a nail appointment for her and that she had to go straight there. When she got there, her mom was there waiting for her to get their nails done together. I had her mom give her another card after their nails were done which told her she’d find the instructions for her next surprise at home. When she got home, there was a table set up in the middle of the driveway with a card with a bunch of mushy stuff in it, as well as directions to click play on the video.

The video was most of the videos I’ve taken of us over the last 3 years all playing to the song big, big plans by Chris lane ( a song he wrote for proposing to his girlfriend). At the end of the video is instructions to come find me at the bottom of memory lane (i had a custom street sign made). Once she started walking I hit play on our song (beautiful crazy). Down the driveway was pictures of us, and on the lawn, I cut a massive heart with A+P written in it. I was waiting at the bottom for her with her one dog Lola who had a heart sign around her neck that said: “I loved her first”.

I had plans of writing a little speech but decided to wing what I was saying and just say what was on my heart. I didn’t take into account how nervous I was going to be and wish I said so much more… but I went down on one knee for the second time lol. Then, she said yes :)

Our Video

Special Thanks

 | Videographer
Sandra MacIntyre
 | Planning