Abbie and Kevin

Image 2 of Abbie and KevinHow We Met: Kevin and I met when we were seventeen.

I was cast to dance in Swan Lake and we didn’t have enough men to waltz.

After several weeks of dancing sans partner, a friend suggested that Kevin take the part. Kevin is a talented singer, so although he had never danced prior, he was comfortable onstage.

We were immediately friends and after attending a Sadie Hawkins dance together, were boyfriend and girlfriend.

We have been together for six years. Despite attending different colleges and living in different cities, we have never parted. Even though the distance has been hard, it isn’t permanent and is a sacrifice we have been willing to make for each other.

how they asked: I flew to visit Kevin over my spring break. He took a job in Oklahoma City in January and since his move, I have only seen him once. We had been enjoying time together and exploring his new city for a couple of days. That Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the art museum and visited the national memorial. Later, Kevin took me to a restaurant, Vast, on the 49th floor of the Devon Energy Tower. It was a beautiful night to see the city from above, and was very romantic.

Image 1 of Abbie and KevinAfter dinner, Kevin led me across the street to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. We walked through the outdoor gardens and he led me to a bridge that resembles one of our favorite spots in Omaha. I noticed a violinist playing at the other end of the bridge and pointed it out to him. I thought nothing suspicious of this and proceeded to look at the swans. Only when Kevin re-directed my focus back to the violinist, did I realize what was happening. It was the song, I’ll Be, which has been our song since high school! He was down on one knee in an instant and had a whole speech prepared. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, that the only thing I remember hearing was, “Abbie, will you marry me?” I of course said, “yes!”

Even though I would have said yes had he proposed with a bottle cap, he gave me the most beautiful ring and put it on my hand. Kevin had even arranged for his friends to hide and take pictures of the proposal. I’m so glad that we have pictures of it to look back on. After, Kevin arranged for a horse and carriage to meet us and drive us through Bricktown. It was the sweetest way to enjoy each other’s company and to share the happiest moment we have had in our adventure so far!

Image 3 of Abbie and Kevin