Abbie and Bryan

How We Met

12.29.17 // We met at a Young Adults conference that was being put on by our church. We ended up hanging around each other the entire weekend because of mutual friends. Shortly after the conference, Bryan hosted multiple game nights at his apartment, which I thought was a normal thing (let’s just say there haven’t been very many game nights after our first date.) After a few game nights, Bryan asked me out on our first date. The first date went well and both of us knew we wanted to see where the relationship went.

4.16.18 // We continued to go on dates. On April 16th we went to a terrible Mexican restaurant, which shall not be named, that had ants climbing up the wall and ended up giving me food poisoning. The night ended alright because Bryan’s tradition of note giving started and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

How They Asked

11.1.19 // A lot of growing in our relationship with the Lord and each other, a lot of monthly letters written, a lot of, maybe forced, walks, and even more ice cream and pizza brought us to November 1st. We were, what I thought, going to meet friends downtown for dinner and had time to kill in the city. Bryan was super confident in where we were walking, which I was oblivious to. We got to “the spot” and Bryan handed me my October letter.

At the end of each month, he writes me a letter about the memories we shared that month. I thought I was just reading that, shortly into the letter I realized that this was not a typical letter. I pretended to read the letter and flipped to the back page and read “I choose you and I guess in about five seconds I’ll know if you choose me too.” I looked up and he was down on his knee. BEST DAY EVER.

Abbie and Bryan's Engagement in Lincoln Park, Chicago

The next day, I posted some pictures from the engagement and I received a message from some man that said: “I think this is you.” Well turns out someone was flying a drone and accidentally caught our engagement on video from above! So so cool!!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Bryan Spahr
 | Photographer