Abbie and Bobo

How We Met

I had broken up of my boyfriend of 8 years in the summer of 2014 so wasn’t in a great place, one day I stopped by this lovely little café for coffee, it wasn’t very busy so I was served pretty quickly. After awhile I was handed my bill by a young guy who I at the time I thought was the waiter, he turned out to be the manager (and the love of my life) :-)

Within the bill was a note ‘what’s your name?’ with a phone number.

I texted him that same night and we haven’t stopped texting since …

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how they asked

It was our one year anniversary on 1 December 2015, I booked us a table at a lovely French restaurant called Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, Bear being a chef really appreciates good food. As suspected the food was great and the night was amazing.

A few hours (and bottles of wine) later we finished up and went for a walk through Covent Garden, we came across a lovely little gateway and walked though, it was St Paul’s Church all beautifully lit. There was beautiful music coming from the church, the choir was singing inside unfortunately we couldn’t attend as it was a private service. Bear decided we sit down, as we’d only been walking for a short while I was alittle concerned Bobo was getting old :-)

Bear and tell each other we love each other about 50 times a day so when we were talking he looked at me and said ‘I love you’, so I said ‘forever?’ and he replied ‘forever’ he then reached into his pocket and pulled out a little box, and asked ‘ok, so will you marry me’ my response? ‘Sha’ up’

Ofcourse I said yes. Its not like how its appears in the movies. I was so overcome with emotion I could have cried laughed and screamed all at the same time. I didn’t cry, but I did scream and laugh – a lot!

Now the realisation that I will spend the rest of my life with my favourite person, my best friend is beyond amazing.

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We have recently come back from Slovakia visiting his family, we broke the news they were over the moon!

I now need to plan two weddings this year, a traditional one which we are having in June and the white wedding in Slovakia in August – Two weddings within eight months!? eek!

Special Thanks

 | My Sister - Helped by finding out when my parents were home so he could go round and ask my dad
 | My Friend - Tried to help with my finger size