Abbie and Aaron

How We Met

He worked at a grocery store, I worked at the pet store next door.

When I first saw him at the store, he looked at me and smiled. after that day I found myself just going in there to see him! One night he had gotten my number from one of my friends, who had also worked at the grocery store. He texted me that same night, asked me on a date and we have been together ever since. ❤️

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sam Smith Concert St. Louis Missouri

Abbie and Aaron's Engagement in Sam Smith Concert St. Louis Missouri

how they asked

I love the singer Sam Smith so much! My fiancé’s parents got me tickets to his St. Louis Concert for Christmas of 2017. Apparently without my knowledge, the whole time between Christmas and August 17th, 2018 he had been planning to ask me the night of the concert. Our song is Latch by Sam Smith, not just because of my love for Sam, but because every time Aaron would get into a car with me, the latch would play on the radio. That made the concert even more special for me! After all the tears shed from the concert, and me looking like a hot mess. Aaron got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, which just made me cry even more!!!!!!! I love you, Aaron, I love our life together. I can’t wait to marry you!