Abbi and Timmy

How We Met

We met our sophomore year of high school in gym class. We barely knew each other but I had the biggest crush on him. Wishing he felt the same, I asked him to hangout one day and after spending the most wonderful day together, he asked me to be his. He was my high school sweetheart, the biggest memories of high school were him and he meant the world to me. But October of senior year he broke up with me, stressed for the future and unsure of the military life ahead of him. I was heartbroken without him, trying my best to move on. Little did I know that he had missed me too. I sent him a letter the summer before I went off to college and told him that I wanted to mend the break and he wrote me back saying he wouldn’t forget what we had, but that we could be friends. We spoke here and there and I prayed to find a way back to him. On a random weekend home from school I threw him the idea of hanging out, which resulted in a full blown going away party with his entire family. I was so welcomed and felt so complete again. We talked all night and in my heart I knew that he was what I wanted and all I needed for the rest of my life. That night we had the start to many more hello again kisses, and the year apart became the most time we would have to spend away from each other. He left the next day for boot camp, which thankfully flew right by. Countless training locations and more time apart than together, we have made it work. Once I finish school and he is done with his four years active duty, we will finally be able to move in together!

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how they asked

I had flown down to North Carolina to visit Timmy for his birthday! We planned to go fishing that Saturday but unfortunately the canoe rental company failed to show up. He was so mad, and I couldn’t understand why he was. We could always go the next day but it had bothered him so much. We then went back to the house for a little celebrating with friends for his birthday. The next day we went to lunch on me to have some time to ourselves, and it was wonderful. I had imagined it would be the last event of the day but he decided last minute he wanted to go to my favorite beach on base to look for shark teeth.

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We walked for what seemed the whole beach, dancing and freezing our legs in the water together. On the way back I had moved a little ahead of him to look for shark teeth, yet he yelled from behind for me to go look at what he had found. As I looked back behind me I found the love of my life down on one knee grinning from ear to ear. He asked the one thing every girl wishes to hear. And of course, I said YES! Sadly I had to leave again not more than four hours later on my flight home. I see him in a few weeks and cannot wait to celebrate even more! I am beyond lucky!

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