Abbi and Nick

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How We Met

June of 2017 my mom and I went on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa to work with medical professionals in bringing medical care to villages in the area. The second day we were there we headed to a busy market to stock up on supplies. It was there I was introduced to an American 5th-grade teacher who had dedicated two years of his life to Malawi.

how they asked

A year after meeting, I returned to Malawi to spend time with Nick and work with a veterinary organization. Sunday, June 3rd we went to Lake Malawi with a big group of friends. The part we went to was on a cliff, so as soon as we got there Nick took me down the cliff to see the water. After admiring the view for a while he suggested we climb back up to get our swimsuits on. When we got to the top, everyone in our group had disappeared and in their place was a little table set up with photos of us and sunflowers. Before I knew it, Nick was asking me to be his forever.

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Special Thanks

Charlotte Spencer
 | Photographer
Charlotte Spencer
 | Planning
Miranda Vaccaro
 | Photographer