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How We Met

Stewart and I started dating in 2016 after being introduced at a wedding. Right when we met, there was something in me that just quietly knew that he was the man I was going to spend my life with. Early on in our relationship we talked about marriage and how forever together seemed almost inevitable, but in those beginning conversations, it felt worlds away. I was still in school and with the four year age gap, I felt no pressure to create a timeline. One night we had a serious conversation about a year into our relationship, and he basically asked me what my ideal timeline would look like. We were way passed the flirty-butterfly-stage and I knew without a doubt I wanted him forever, therefore I basically told him the ball was in his court and I would say yes regardless of when.

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Fast forward to a year an half later. It was December, which is my birthday month, specifically the year I turned twenty one. Stewart planned for us to meet with friends on the River Walk, so that I could meet one of his buddies from Birmingham and his new wife. He knew if I was meeting Molly, I would wear a cuter outfit than if I just went for a walk with him and our dog Scooter. Smart. Anyway, I should have been suspicious by the way he was behaving but of course it went way over my head. He was basically shoving me out the door when in reality he is really good at being patient while I get dressed. So on the drive to the River, it started to rain, not pouring but just enough to make walking outside not fun. So I told him to call his friend so we could meet them at a bar or something, which he replied confidently that he knows they wanted to walk regardless. Again, I should have known something by the way he was now pushing for us to walk outside in the rain. He was flying down the road in the name of ‘us being late’. Then as we were getting closer, my heart began to pound. I knew something was happening, Stewart is not normally in such a hurry. I quickly ripped down the mirror and started fluffing, I believed with my whole heart 100 of my closest friends and family were waiting on us to arrive for my surprise BIRTHDAY party. Everything started to make sense, engagement not even in my realm of thinking. So we hopped out of the car, in the rain, with our dog Scooter and began power walking toward the bridge. Again, I was now fully convinced that it was my birthday party. As we walked hand in hand, I could feel the nervousness radiating from Stewart. He slowed me down before the bridge and squeezed me tight and simply asked “Do you know how much I love you?”, then I knew. I knew there was no friends and family hiding in the bushes, or no plans to meet Daniel and Molly, just me and the man of my dreams walking toward forever. So we quietly walked across the bridge and down into the courtyard, where he clipped something onto Scooters collar. Promptly asking me what it was, I laughingly-shakingly played along and unclipped the coin purse, not looking close enough to realize it had my new initials printed across the top. I was totally distracted by my peripheral vision as Stewart lowered to his knee. I then heart clicks from a camera and I burst into tears, it did not feel like reality. I’m going to be a Jolly next summer and I could not be more ecstatic. I loved that Stewart incorporated our precious dog into this special day, along with hiring the best photographer to capture this moment!! He then planned a special weekend for friends and family and even had his family come from Birmingham to celebrate!

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