Abbey and Stefan

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how they asked

We had just arrived in Tokyo on April 24th about 5 hours earlier after a 12 hour flight so I was all ready to curl up in bed and sleep. Stefan suggested we go to Tokyo Tower and being so tired I was reluctant to go but he convinced me (thank God he did). I speak Japanese but we still managed to get very lost on our way to Tokyo Tower. We came across a really sweet local who said he would take us there and just to follow him. I had just bought new flats for the trip and after about half an hour of walking I was starting to get blisters. We finally got to the bottom of the Tower after about an hour of walking, our lovely local left us and we were about to go into the Tower but my feet were killing me. Stefan lent me his socks to wear with my flats (so fashionable) so I put them on not caring what it looked like as it stopped the pain haha.

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We headed up the Tower, keeping in mind I am terrified of heights but he always manages to push me out of my comfort zone! He had been acting weird the whole afternoon and I thought he wasn’t enjoying Japan or he hated our hotel or something like that (little did I know). We got to the highest point you can get to in the Tower and I was just about to freak out from the height and leave when I turned around and saw him on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand! I was speechless! Suffice to say all the pain from my feet, my fear of being up so high and how tired I was all just disappeared ❤️

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