Abbey and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I started off as just friends. We would occasionally see each other at the gym and there are rumors that he once waved and said hi to me but I flat out ignored him! (I blame the music was too loud in my headphones). He did end up asking for my number and we hung out every. single. day for almost an entire year. He became my best friend. Yup, you guessed it.. he was in the dreaded friend zone. As months went by, all of our friends and family would tease us and say that it was “more than friends” and that we were totally obviously meant for each other but I never believed it until one day it clicked- this man was everything and more that I wanted in a future husband. From that point on we officially started “dating”. Now lets fast forward to almost FOUR great years ahead and two years of living together. There comes a point when you turn 25 years old and everyone else around you is already getting engaged, married, having babies and then there you are stuck wondering when it will finally be your turn.

how they asked

My mom called me in the beginning of the week to let me know that we were getting professional family photos taken that weekend. Now this didn’t catch me by surprise since we get them done every few years. I asked what colors we were wearing and she told me navy blue… now let’s be honest I own one article of clothing that was navy blue but luckily at least it was a cute gap dress. Mind you, the weather that morning was brutal- windy, dark and rainy. I was not looking forward to family photos that day and it was pretty obvious. As the afternoon came and 3 o’clock rolled around, I couldn’t believe all of the blue skies and sunshine. We were running late per usual so Michael and I were the last ones to show up.

When we arrived to our destination, there was the rest of my family all wearing navy blue and I was greeted by our golden retriever who knew way more at this point than I did. After a few “fake” staged family photos around the garden, I walk around a corner and out pops Michael’s whole family (including both sets of grandparents and his sister who even came home from college) all holding signs that said, “Abbey, will you marry me?” and someone was sneaky enough to slip a question mark around our golden retrievers collar.

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I was so shocked by the whole thing that I didn’t even feel like it was real life.

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