Abbey and Jordan

Image 1 of Abbey and Jordan

How We Met

We went to the same college SUNY Delhi. We knew of each other because we were both in Greek life. We started talking after I asked him if I could borrow his sociology homework to copy. We played on a softball team together where Jordan ended up breaking his wrist during a game.

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He asked me if I wanted to ride in the ambulance with him and that’s when the paramedic asked if I was his girlfriend and he responded yes! Even though he had never asked me and I didn’t ask him. It kind of just happened.

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how they asked

It was our 5 year anniversary and we had planned a nice picnic. It ended up raining all day so the picnic got canceled which is fine by us because we wanted to bum around anyway. We still dressed up as if we were going out but decided to stay in for the night. After dinner, Jordan walked away to get something.

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He came out with a picnic basket and in the picnic basket was a photo album of all our favorite memories. There was also some apple pie and ice cream. After I was done looking at the photo album he said: “we can’t have a picnic without playing catch”. We are huge baseball fans (go Yankees) He tossed me a baseball that said Abbey will you marry me!

Image 5 of Abbey and Jordan

I cried I was so happy and he was so happy I said yes! We called our family and closest friends to tell them about the news and everyone was so happy. It was a romantic evening and I was so surprised. Talking about it now brings a huge smile to my face. We won’t ever forget it.

Image 6 of Abbey and Jordan

We are getting married at Gilberstville Farmhouse! They share the same vision as us. We love the authentic rustic feel. When we met Sharon we really felt at home and it felt so right. We loved the barn, the glamping and the entire vibe of relaxing.

Image 7 of Abbey and Jordan